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#JourneyOfSelf || Day 21 || Standing Spilt Oh boy, let me just talk about my first time meeting with Standing Split. 😳 My very first day of yoga, I tried this pose. It was apart of a @dharmayogacenter Challenge. I wanted SO bad to have a straight leg. I hadn’t quite embrace that yoga was a #JourneyOfSelf. No, I wanted that pose. Lol O.M.G. I thought I broke something!! Lol NO kidding One, I could NOT stay up and balance AT ALL with out the wall. Two, when I attempted it with the wall, it was incredibly intense and uncomfortable!!! Like incredibly!! Lol And three, I did NO stretching before hand. 😳 Lets just say, there wasn’t a love/hate relationship, just hate!! Lol Looking at the picture of Sri Dharma Mittra doing it that day, I was just like “But how?!?!” 😩😩😭😭 Well, now, I see how. Practice, patience, and persistence. ☺️👌 Yep! That’s how I got there!! 😁😁 Instructions: 📍 Begin in standing forward fold. 📍 Shift your weight into the right leg and kick the left leg up behind you. 📍 Keep the hands on the floor and the hips squared towards the floor. 📍 Walk the hands back toward the standing foot, deepening the stretch. 📍 Lower the lifted leg and forward bend before doing the other side. ✅ Beginners: Make sure to warm up your hamstrings before attempting this pose. Use a block under your hands if they don’t reach the floor when your standing leg is straight. Try bending the standing leg, then lifting the other leg a little higher. Restraighten the standing leg while maintaining the height in the lifted leg. Be sure to tag myself and @reesielove1121 I am enjoying every bit of this #JourneyOfSelf movement sooooo much!!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!! ☺️🙏💞✨ by hippie_heathen


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